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Repairing your current roof is oftentimes the most cost-effective way to keep your roof watertight and structurally sound. In many cases, the cost of a roof repair may be covered by your homeowners insurance. Trust your Oklahoma City roofing repair needs to Southwest General Contractors. Contact us for a free roof repair inspection.

Timely Response

A leaking roof can cause problems far beyond the roof itself. When you contact Southwest General Contractors for a free roofing repair inspection, one of our Oklahoma City roofing crews will respond within 24 hours to setup a time to assess your roof.

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Common Causes of Roof Damage

There are many reasons a roof can fail and require repair. In Oklahoma, roofing repair needs are driven by three major factors.


Even the best shingles have trouble standing up to 200 MPH straight line winds. One of the most common roof repairs in Oklahoma City is loose or missing shingles as a result of high winds.


Standard roofs are not designed to withstand the impact of Oklahoma’s massive hail storms, causing the loosening or tearing of shingles. Roofing repair is often a cost-effective way to repair the damage caused by hail. Investing in an impact-resistant roof can lower the chances of needing a roof repair due to hail storms.


Earthquakes can cause major damage to a home–including the roof. When your house is shaken, it can cause shingles to shift or dislodge causing opportunities for water to seep in.

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